Practice Areas


Providing clients advice and counsel on routine legal issues, and in times of crisis, when a focused, proactive response is needed to preserve rights and manage risk.


The Firm serves as outside counsel to privately-owned companies, family offices, and entrepreneurs, offering advice and counsel on legal issues which can impact their business, their reputations, and potentially, the bottom line.  By calling the Firm as questions arise, clients can benefit from real-time guidance, to help them get it right

the first time.  When the unexpected happens, the Firm helps to position clients in a way that serves to manage risk, enforce rights, and safeguard business reputations.  

As outside counsel, the Firm provides advice and counsel to clients on a wide range of business, employment and intellectual property law matters, such as:

~  Best practices for hiring, managing and firing employees, contractors and domestic staff, in  compliance with federal, state and local laws, including record-retention requirements, management training sessions, contractor classifications, overtime exemptions and other wage act issues  
  ~  Exit strategies designed to manage risks relating to restrictive covenants, confidentiality restraints, trade secret violations, and team “lift-outs”
  ~  Review and negotiation of commercial contracts, licensing agreements, and partnership and other business arrangements
  ~  Protecting and enforcing trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property matters, as well as privacy rights
  ~  For clients faced with the risk of unwanted press or social media attacks, deploying strategies designed to manage reputations and rights of privacy, including the successful take-down of offending webpages, news articles and social media blogs
  ~  Counseling officers and directors on fiduciary duties and governance matters 
  ~  Setting up mechanisms designed to preserve privileges and confidentiality in order to facilitate protected dialogue on issues of importance 
~  Working with clients and intermediaries to identify and address potential conflicts of interest 
~  Pre-litigation risk avoidance strategies designed to keep clients out of the public eye of court proceedings, and invoking alternative dispute resolution mechanisms 
~  Manage litigations and provide “shadow” counseling and second opinions on complex litigation matters

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